Every time I see the word ‘youth’ somewhere my heart skips a beat! I have this special feeling that makes me want to stop and go into any place whose sign reads ‘youth’ to see what they do and speak to them. The word ‘youth’ reminds me of the current African challenges and gives me the optimism that we can face and solve these challenges, as long as the #youthpotential is well harnessed.

Youths are a mighty force to reckon with. They can move mountains and transform nations from one stage to a developed and well recognized state in the international community. Youth have physical power, courage, sense of adventure and enthusiasm to explore the unknown. They are not bogged down with the chains of traditions and preconditions. They can explore the untraded path and create new societies.

Youth never don’t believe in the notion of “Impossible” rather they spilt this words into “I am possible”. Youth are those forces for whom perfection in transformation is myth. They never stop in the race of transformation and to adopt with the new environment. Transformation is something that inspires the youth and provides lessons to tackle the new challenges.


From ancient uncivilized society to modern 21st century, youth have never stopped in their path. Be it the path of fire or path of leaf of rose flower, they love to walk. A great philosopher, motivator and icon for the million of youth around the world, Swami Vivekananda once commented; ‘give me thousand of youth with a body of steel and courage of a lion and I shall transform the nation’ His words cannot be criticized; they are commendable for every young person.

 Happiness and satisfaction have always been an integral part of one’s life. Happiness has always been the ultimate goal to be achieved.

Today’s youth should devote their lives for the spread and realization of these thoughts and ideas by Swami throughout the world. Youth should never entangle themselves in the territorial jurisdiction of the political entity which we commonly call the ‘state’. They should stay above and beyond this!


The biggest duty for youth is to serve the only one religion of the world that is HUMANITY. If we want to make our nation stronger and grow then we have to engage our youth force constructively! Lets we stop using youth just for the political agendas. The transformation of our societies and nations can only be achieved and sustained if young people are actively engaged and guided to make significant contributions to this process. Social Transformation is a process and we need the reckoning force of the youth all the way!

Youth & Social Transformation


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