Just like there are four climatic seasons. These seasons happens throughout the year. And as we move from one season to another so our life changes from one season to another. These two categories of seasons are so much related and we can learn a lot from the climatic seasons. What we need to know is that we have no control over these seasons, they just happen. The best way out is to learn what these seasons mean and how best we can handle them. No matter the season it’s just a matter of time and the season passes.


Winter (Preparation)

It is the coldest season of the year in polar climates. It is characterized by falling snow and freezing cold temperature, usually exacerbated by strong winds. Business is not as usual during this season. Students don’t go to school and office work slows down. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. The same happens in our lives. There comes a time when almost everything does not happen to your favor. The question is, how well have you prepared yourself to handle such times? Just like people shop for warm clothes and even change their daily routine to fit in the cold weather, what do you do to prepare for your worst season? This is the period where not much physical work is done. As one is sitting around fire place to prevent themselves from the cold weather, this is the time to make good use of your mind. Engage your mind and find way forward for the season only lasts for some time.


Spring (Take action)

This season comes just after winter and before summer. It is very short in Polar Regions. This is the season of new beginning. Fresh buds bloom and animals awaken and the earth comes to life again. This is the season you need to arise. You need to conquer all that which made you fall during winter time. This is the time to plant the good seeds in your life. This is the period you need to be more vigilant and take note of every opportunity in life. Ensure that you make as many investments during this season.

Summer (Arise and shine)


It is the season when temperature rise and days are longer. This is the period to harvest what was planted during spring. This is the time for people to dress up lightly in fancy dresses with sunglasses and party. But it should be noted that the joy of this season is determined with the effort made during spring (planting season). Despite the fun experienced during this season it is important to notice that one should be very careful all the hard work done over spring will go to waste. One should guard their harvest as there are preys around looking at that harvest and given chance they will steal or even destroy the harvest.

Autumn/fall (Accountability)

This season is accompanied by cold weather. Plants changes colours and lose their leaves. One needs to sit down and reflect their deeds. After a deep reflection one will know what to get rid of in their life and the positive things to keep. This is the time to take responsibility for our actions. This is the time to clear off all our mess and to identify our strengths. By doing so we will be ready to face whatever is to come in life.


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