A male University student at Moi University Eldoret – Kenya is reported to have stormed the girlfriend’s room in anger and stabbed her to death in full glare of her two friends,allegedly for having sexual affairs with another man.
It is reported that in the room were three girls, the girl friend and her two friends.
When the male student entered the run, he locked the door and is reported to have threatened the other two girls not to move close as he stabbed his girlfriend to death.
It is alleged that the male student was on a revenge mission out of frustration after realizing his ex-girlfriend was having an affair with another man.
The male student however never lived long enough to experience his revenge as he too is reported to have been killed by a mob.

My sincere condolences to the family and friends.
However, I am quite concerned with the current trend of deaths as a result of love triangles.
We have recently heard of senior people, police officers shooting their own spouses, colleagues and girlfriends in cases believed to be out of love affairs.
Where is the real problem here?
I wouldn’t want to be judgmental on any of the victims because I have no evidence of the reasons behind the happenings.
However, I feel this happenings should be a call for personal reflection, it is important we ask ourselves WHY we are with some man or woman in what is commonly referred to as RELATIONSHIPS.
What is the basis of my relationship? Why am i here? What risks am I exposed to by being in this affair?
how much do I know of the person i am dating?
It is also prudent that we realize the power of emotional investment. Nothing can repay emotional investment, (in my opinion).
These people we brand murderers after they have killed someone out of Love triangle must have experienced unbearable frustrations, based on how much thy invested in the other person; emotionally!

Could there be something we overlook when we label the killers murderers?
What are we teaching our children and youth in regard to managing healthy relationships?
Could such death of an innocent girl on campus have been prevented if some level of education, sensitization or information had been offered to the male student involved?
With such cases getting rampant, It is time we ask ourselves, could there be pro-active preventive measures we can put in place to prevent such tragic ends to relationships? Most especially amongst the youth?
Just maybe one of us has to stand up and take up the noble task of helping our youth realize the risks of poor anger management, unhealthy relationships, wrong value systems and probably drug abuse.
There is always something hidden behind the reality that we see with our eyes, there is always a root cause!


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