Following the efforts being put by the Kenyan government and entire African congress of head of states in pushing for a pullout from the ICC, i am tempted to ask what could be the motive.

when growing up i was taught that when you meet a police man on the street you shouldn’t panic but rather walk straight past him towards your destination.

That however can only happen if you are sure of the fact that you are not guilty of anything.

if at all one is guilty they would never think of coming in contact with the police, lest they get caught.

am just wondering why on earth we could be pushing for withdrawal from an international Court in we claim to be clean.

What is it we are trying to hide under the carpet that we are so afraid the ICC may unearth?

if at all we are innocent as we claim then why don’t we just let the court carry out its mandate with no fears?

It is suspicious that we are now attempting to withdraw from a court that less than three years ago we actually supported by shooting down the idea of a local tribunal.

i am just concerned about the poor African children who in the near future will lack a credible justice system to stand up for them when these men in power decide to oppress them in absence of the ICC.

I fail to understand why we think its the right time to pull out and what the motive of this is………….,

if this motion goes through then i foresee a continent under oppression from the few rulers who only mind their own selves.


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